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Cybersecurity FAQs

Find your general queries answered here.

How does your foresee threats mechanism work?
Our foresee threats mechanism uses penetration testing techniques which uncover vulnerabilities, demonstrate the impact of the weaknesses, and provide ways for mitigation.
How is Infosec Future different from other cyber security companies out there in the market?
Our commitment to the following features keeps us ahead of others: • Technology abreast • Efficient data security • Timely Delivery of Service • Highly efficient staffs • Infrastructure integration • Quality control
What will be your solution to prevent or handle an attack?
Our experts will assist you in developing the best approach for dealing with any threats that may come in future. Besides, the security log monitoring services that we have developed start from the beginning and keep an eye on each data of your systems. In addition, our pen tester package provides you ultimate protection from cyber criminals.
How will the confidentiality of our data be protected?
We use powerful encryption methods to avoid cloud services with minimal encryption for any critical data. This is how we ensure the safety of all of your data. With the advancement of technology, we constantly improve our data protection program.
What domains of industry do you cater your services to?
We provide cyber security to the multiple sectors, such as • Health and Medical • Banking and Finance • Saas and Technology • Insurance Industry • Edu-tech and Higher Education • Energy, Power and Utilities • Food and Agri-tech • Government Sector • Media and Entertainment • Retail Sector
How does Red team, blue team, and purple team testing work?
Red team: Our red warriors provide shield against all developing threats by employing advanced procedures, locating weaknesses inside the infrastructure’s security, launching exploits and reporting their finding.Blue team: Blue team analyses risks, monitor vulnerabilities, and creates incident reports to handle human centric assaults like phishing, baiting and others in your business.Purple team: Our purple team acts as a feedback loop, ensuring that communication between the red and blue teams is smooth.
Will our information be shared with any other third party?
Since we value your privacy, we assure you that your data is highly protected.
How well do you screen your personnel, especially those who will have access to our data, systems, or facilities?
We are strictly committed to monitor our employees’ activities in this regard. In addition, during the on-boarding process, we make sure that we achieve a mutual agreement with the client and that a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement is established.
How does this company competes with other company of same type and what value does it provide, does it provide the same value or more value than the competition
Our company is one of the leading cyber security firms in the globe. It is our reliability and quality services which make Infosec Future stand-out among others.
What is infosec future all about?
Infosec Future is a cyber security firm which has been helping the clients to protect their digital information for more than four years with the help of highly qualified IT professionals.
What is threat modelling?
Threat modeling is a systematic process with these purposes: recognize security need, detect security warning and potential risks and prioritize remediation methods.
What is difference between audit and forensics?
Audit refers to an official checking of business and economic records to ensure that the employees of an organization are doing their work legally. On the other hand forensic is a term associated with the scientific tests to identify criminals.
How can you help our business?
We assure you a secure digital experience in your workplace so that you can grow your business smoothly.
What are the advantages of Infosec Future?
At Infosec Future we have highly qualified cyber security professionals who are available 24*7. In addition, we provide special feature like Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) which ensures your ultimate data protection.
How working process is simplified?
Our sincere and skilled professionals with the help of advanced feature like VAPT make your working environment more simplified by ensuring ultimate protection of your digital world.
How Infosec Future can help me to manage my data safely?
With Infosec Future your data is completely safe. Our experts monitor your data 24*7 and mitigate all the possible threats with the help of VAPT. In addition, your developers will be provided with extensive training so that they can take care of your digital environment.
What is phishing and how do Infosec Future can help me to avoid it?
Phishing is the activity of evil minded people who collect the personal data of customers such as their identity, bank account numbers, etc. over the internet or by email and then they use these information to steal money from them.Our Blue team testing helps to avoid this human centric assault.
How significant is privacy as a component for Infosec Future?
Privacy of our clients is our one of the primary priorities. Keeping that in mind we sign a mutual agreement during the onboarding. According to that agreement we are liable to keep the digital information of our visitors secret.
How Infosec Future protect my business from cyber attacks?
The advanced features of Infosec Future such as VAPT helps you identify and mitigate cyber threats and protect your data.
What are the biggest cybersecurity threats right now and how can I avoid ?
The biggest cyber security threats right now are social hacking, ransomware, use active cyber security monitoring, unpatched vulnerabilities etc.To safeguard your organization from such threats it is advisable to consult a trustworthy cyber security expert.
Do I need cybersecurity insurance? Is our cybersecurity insurance policy appropriate to our risks?
Cybersecurity insurance helps you avoid financial losses once your institution falls prey to cybercriminals.Rate of cyber crime is increasing rapidly. To ensure financial recovery during such crisis insurers have added many types of cybersecurity policies. You can select whichever policy seems appropriate to you.
what is social engineering and how can you help us mitigate that risk?
Social engineering is the phenomenon of cheating and misguiding individuals to reveal their confidential or personal information that may be used for dishonest purposes.Our blue team testing detects such threats and mitigates those immediately.
what is the process by which you will help us asses the security of the code?
We have introduced automated tools including open-source static analysis tools, custom scripts and commercial static analysis products to assist you assess the security of the code.
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